Ali Albukhaiti: Intl Crisis Group coordinates with OSESGY to defend Houthis

Republican Yemen

Yemeni politician and writer Ali Albukhaiti has slammed the International Crisis Group and the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen (OSESGY) for being soft with the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

The well-known Yemeni political commentator commented on a recent report issued by the Crisis Group, accusing the group of coordinating with the OSESGY to defend the Houthi group and pressure the U.S. so that it does not designate the Houthi rebels a terrorist group.

 In a series of tweets, Albukhaiti said that the report “seems to be recommended by the office of UN Special Envoy to Yemen,” raising questions of why the office only interferes when Houthis have difficult times.

“I do believe that the report released by the International Crisis Group is totally biased which fulfills the wishes of the OSESGY. It is obvious the Crisis Group has become a tool to be used by Griffiths since some workers in the Group are also advisors to him. This casts doubt on the integrity of the Group’s reports as it always overlooks Houthi terrorist acts,” Mr. Albukhaiti said.

He stressed that Houthis, ISIS, and AQAP are all terrorist groups who differ from one another in the ways they practice terrorism.

“We’ve worked a lot on bringing Houthis to the terrorist organization designation. We provided conclusive evidence to international organizations and foreign ambassadors _ especially the American ones _ that shows systematic terrorism practiced by Abdelmalik al_Houthi and his group, and that the only difference between Houthis and ISIS and AQAP lies in the methodology in which they practice terrorism, but the content is pretty much the same,” he added.

He described the report as a shame, for it defends a movement whose ideology is full of terrorism, noting that the Crisis Group “seeks to empower the executioners claiming that designating Houthis as a terrorist group will undermine peace. Such peace will never come!”

Albukhaiti, who resides in the UK,  noted that Britain supports the UN envoy in his pressures on the US to cancel the potential decision for they seek peace, yet they don’t know Houthis well enough, wondering if peace can ever be made with terrorists.

“Throughout history, no terrorist group has ever made peace with its rivals, thus Houthis are not an exception. We know that the British seek peace but they blindly support the UN envoy in his pressures on the US to cancel the decision. They seem to be unaware of the fact that they, by doing so, are undermining peace. Had they let Hodeida be liberated, Houthis would’ve been weaker and open to peace. The UN, UK, and the international community need to know that Houthis speak the language of force,” said Albukhaiti.

Albukhaiti called for supporting  the U.S. plan to designate Houthis a terrorist group, affirming that it will serve both peace and Houthis themselves, for “it will stop Houthis from conducting the terrorist acts they carry out in public, such as blowing up schools and homes of their rivals.”

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