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An educator killed by a Houthi gunman in Rayma Province

Republican Yemen

An educator was killed on Tuesday by a Houthi armed man in the province of Rayma for documenting a land takeover, local sources said.

It all started when a group of gunmen affiliated with the Houthi militia came to an area called Jad Jadeed, in the district of Bilad Al Ta’am, to take over a piece of land, Almashad Alyemeni reported citing locals from the area.

According to the source, the victim Abdo Al Ashwal was using his camera to document the takeover of the land when the head of the group, who goes by the name of  Abo Nasr Rawba’a, opened fire on the victim, who was killed right after being shot.

The source indicated that the Houthi militia has been conducting similar takeovers over the past weeks, using force against the original owners of the lands.

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