Masam: 1,233 Houthi-laid mines cleared in 2nd week of September

Republican Yemen

Masam, the Saudi Project for Mine Clearance in Yemen, demined as many as 1,233 Houthi-laid mines in the second week of September, bringing the total number of mines that have been cleared since mid-2018 to 185,081.

The project said the mines dismantled included, 11 antipersonnel mines, 234 anti-tank mines, and 1,233 unexploded ordnance and 22 explosive devices.

The Iran-aligned Houthi rebels have reportedly laid over 1.1 million mines in large swaths of Yemen since 2015 when they stormed Sana’a and staged a coup against the internationally recognized government.

These mines have killed, wounded, or maimed tens of thousands of civilians, according to local and international reports.

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