Albukhaiti to his brother: British Ambassador to Yemen is a “demon” of peace

Republican Yemen

Ali Albukhaiti, a Yemeni politician and writer, criticized his brother Mohammed Albukhaiti, who has been recently appointed Governor of Dhamar province by the Houthi militias, for attacking the British Ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aron.

The Houthi leader, Mohammed Albukhaiti, has lately attacked the British Ambassador to Yemen, calling him a “demon” and accusing him of what he called “trying to prolong the war and the blockade imposed on Yemen.”

Mr. Ali  Albukhaiti said in a series of tweets, in response to his older brother, that Britain and its Ambassador to Yemen are the ones who sought to stop the battle in Hodeidah, which Houthis were about to lose, and that he himself and others severely criticized the British ambassador at the time.

“Now this demon seeks to stop the war in Marib and across Yemen. No wonder he is being lashed out by the warring parties,” Mr. Ali Albukhaiti said. ” hats off to the demon of peace, Ambassador Michael Aron.”

He noted that there are followers of the Shiite sect who “paraded through the streets of London carrying flags of Husseinan, shouting with drums, and causing all forms of noise,. Nevertheless, the UK protects and sponsors them while the Houthi group deprives even Muslims of various sects of their rights, not to mention the fact that Houthi-run prisons are full of their opponents,” Albukhaiti said.

He pointed out that all Muslims and non-Muslims in the UK  have a life filled with happiness and safety and that the UK even protects ignorant and disturbing rituals, referring to the mourning rituals of Shiite, known Ashura, where they slap their chests and chant. Meanwhile, Houthis and their sponsor Iran deprive their opponents of their basic rights.

“Now who is the demon? You or the UK where many people resort to, escaping from your terrorism?” Albukhaiti wondered.

Ali Albukhaiti is a well-known Yemeni politician and writer. He was the spokesperson of the Houthi group but resigned his post in protest of the group’s practices after it stormed Yemen’s capital Sana’a and ousted the internationally recognized government.

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