Ali Albukhaiti Files Lawsuit against UK Home Office

Republican Yemen

Ali Albukhaiti, a well-known Yemeni political commentator, has filed a lawsuit against the UK Home Office for procrastinating to make a decision on his application for political asylum.

“My lawyer Nath Gbikpi started the process of bringing a case against the Home Office represented by Secretary of State due to the delay in deciding my case after 11 months of applying for political asylum, knowing that I receive no assistance from the Home Office upon my request,” Albukhaiti said in a series of tweets.”

“The law stipulates that cases regarding asylum applications must be decided within 6 months unless the asylum seeker is the reason for the delay, but my file is completed and was submitted to the Home Office via the registered mail 10 months ago,” said Albukhaiti.

Mr. Albukhaiti’s solicitor Nath Gbikpi, an immigration lawyer at Wesley Gryk LLP, said she was informed that there was no need for an interview to make a decision as she explained the whole situation in a series of tweets:

“We had to wait until 11 June, but were told that a decision would be made without an interview. Now, for the Home Office to reach that conclusion, they must have looked at Ali’s case and concluded that they had all the information needed to make a decision.”

“We were then promised a decision within 4 to 6 weeks. I responded that, given that they must have looked at the case already, they didn’t need all that time. On 16 June, I was told a decision would be made in 2 to 4 weeks. That meant a decision by 14 July.”

“14 July comes and goes. I chase twice and, on 23 July, am told that a decision would be made within 3 weeks. There continues to be no explanation as to the delay.”

On July 29, Jordanian juvenile court acquitted Albukhairi’s daughter Tujan Albukhaiti of charges on blasphemy and insulting religious.

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Albukhaiti commented on the ruling saying that he hopes it is over and that he still has fears.

“However, even if the verdict is not overturned, many concerns remain, and from many sides, the issue is much deeper and more dangerous than the ruling,” he said.

Albukhaiti sincerely thanked all rights activists and journalists who stood by his side in the UK.

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