Jordanian Court: Yemeni Student Tujan Albukhaiti Not Guilty

Republican Yemen

Following 8 months of trial, Jordanian juvenile court acquitted on Tuesday Yemeni student Tujan Albukhaiti of all counts.

The court issued a judgment of first instance, subject to appeal, after a case was brought against her by the Attorney General of Amman Juvenile, based on a memorandum from the Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Unit, accusing Tujan of blasphemy and insulting religious.

“The actions that the defendant committed were crowned as non-criminal acts according to the Jordanian law as there was no evidence for the mental element (criminal intent) for the offense of publishing a printed, manuscript, picture, drawing or symbol that would lead to insult the religious feeling of other people or to insult their religious belief,” the court said in its ruling.

On December 19, 2019, Tujan was summoned by the Juvenile Police after she was reported by the Jordanian Cyber Crime Unit for insulting religious feelings. Tujan, for her part, denied having any intention to offend religions and that her ultimate goal was to discuss religious and intellectual topics.

Tujan’s case turned into public opinion as many Jordanians and Yemenis expressed full solidarity with her.

Tujan Albukhaiti, 17, is a Yemeni national residing in Amman, Jordan’s capital, with her family members. She is the daughter of Yemeni politician and writer Ali Albkhaiti who currently resides in London. She lives.

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