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Official Figures: Houthis targeted Marib with 244 missiles, 689 civilians killed or wounded

Republican Yemen

The official website of Marib Governorate has published shocking figures with regard to the number of Houthis missiles launched on the oil-rich Marib province and the death toll resulted from such missiles.

Since 2015, Houthis have targeted Marib province with 244 missiles, including 112 ballistic missiles, 131 Katusha missiles, and one Urgan missile.

According to the site, the death toll resulted from the missile attacks reached 251, 92 of which were women and children.

The missiles left 438 people wounded, including 47 children and 8 women.

MIM-104 Patriot, which is a surface-to-air missile system provided by the Saudi-led coalition, has intercepted 85 ballistic missiles, the site said.

Marib hosts about 90 refugee camps where thousands of displaced people who fled their homes due to Houthi violations and crimes.

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