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Clashes erupt between Houthis and Yemeni Army

Republican Yemen

After months of relative calm on the west coast, due to a ceasefire truce, clashes flared up yesterday between the Yemeni army and the Iran-backed Houthi militias in the port city of Hodeidah, west Yemen.

The fighting resulted in casualties from both sides, according to local sources.

A military official said the clashes flared after Houthi elements breached the truce by trying to infiltrate sites of the Yemeni army

24 Houthi combatants were killed while attempting to infiltrate Sana’a road and Kilo 16 region in the east of Al Hudaydah province, Anadolu Agency reported, citing Memun al-Mehjemi, spokesperson for the army’s al-Amalika Brigade.

Houthi rebels are reported to have targeted residential areas south Hodeidah with mortar and artillery shells, particularly the districts of Khokha, Hays, and Al Tuhayta.

In late 2018, the UN-sponsored Hodeidah truce was reached between the two sides in Sweeden in order to facilitate peace talks. Since then, sporadic clashes broke out from time to time, with both sides blaming one another.

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