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Rights Radar Org Condemns Houthi Attacks against Civilians in Marib and Hodeidah

Republican Yemen

Rights Radar, an independent organization for human rights, condemned Houthi indiscriminate shelling and missile attacks on residential areas in Marib and Hodeidah provinces.

The Netherlands-based organization denounced the attacks which lately led to the killing of a man and wounding of another south the port city of Hodeidah as well as injuries among civilians in Marib due to the missile attack that was launched by the rebels yesterday.

Yesterday, the Iran-backed Houthi rebels targeted a densely residential area in Marib province, resulting in injuries among residents, including women and children.

Also yesterday, a man was killed by Houthis while on his motorcycle on a road that links Hays town to Al Khokha town south the port city of Hodeidah. On Monday, 55-year-old Abdo Salem Alnihari was shot in his left shoulder today early morning by a Houthi-affiliated sniper

Rights Radar is a non-profit foundation based in the Netherlands. It is devoted to promoting and defending human rights in the Arab world, Yemen in particular.

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