Crimes and Violations

Houthis Break into MP’s Home in Sana’a

Republican Yemen

Houthi insurgents have stormed the house of Parliament Member Abdulrazzaq Al Hijri in the rebel-held capital, Sana’a, and kicked women and children out of the house, local sources said.

Yemen’s minister of information, Muammar al-Iryan, denounced the offense, describing it as a blatant violation of human rights.

“We strongly condemn the Houthis militia’s storming of MP Abdulrazzaq AlHijri house and intimidation of women and children who live there and looting contents, which is a violation of all human norms and values. Intl community’s silence encourages militia’s violations and increases Yemenis suffering,” Muammar al-Iryan said on a Twitter post.

Abdulrazzaq Al Hijri is the leader of Islah Party Bloc in the Yemeni parliament.

Last March, Houthi-controlled Specialized Criminal Court sentenced 35 parliament members to death in absentia, ordering that all properties owned by the convicted PMs be confiscated for the benefit of the state they control.

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