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Yemen Govt Accuses Houthis of Creating Fuel Crisis

Republican Yemen

Yemen’s legitimate government, which is backed by Saudi Arabia, has accused the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels of willfully creating fuel crisis in areas under their control.

State-run Septemer Net quoted the Yemeni minister of information, Muammer al-Iryan, saying in a press statement that the Houthi militias are creating a fuel crisis to score political points.

“Such irresponsible practices will have devastating impacts upon the populations living conditions”, he said.

“What Iran’s mercenaries (Houthi militia) are doing with creating fuels crisis has been intentionally designed to exercise blackmail against the International Community (IC) to achieve some political gains, pillage the unfortunate fellows in the militia-controlled regions and flourish the black market,” the minister added.

Since mid-June, Sanaa, and other provinces under Houthi control have been witnessing acute shortages in oil derivatives.

The Houthis accuse the Saudi-led coalition and the Yemeni government of detaining 15 ships loaded with oil derivatives and preventing them from entering the port of Hudaydah. Meanwhile they deny entry to scores of trucks carrying oil coming from government-held areas.

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