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Death toll from COVID-19 surpasses 300 in Yemen

Republican Yemen

The Aden-based Supreme National Emergency Committee for COVID-19 has recorded 15 new coronavirus cases in areas under the control of Yemen’s internationally recognized government, totaling 1118 cases.

“15 new COVID-19 cases were recorded as follows: 7 cases in Hadhramaut, 5 cases in Aden, and 3 cases in Taiz {….},” the committee said on Twitter.

According to the supreme committee, the death toll from the novel coronavirus has exceeded 300 cases as the recovery cases reached 430.

However, health workers and international organizations say the official figures don’t reflect the huge numbers of unidentified causes.

There is a probability that coronavirus infections may have already reached one million, with up to 85000 deaths in a worst-case scenario, the UK government said on June 11, citing a UK aid-funded research by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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