Arab Coalition Deploys Observers to Oversee Ceasefire in Abyan

Republican Yemen

Observers sent by the Saudi-led coalition have arrived in the southern province of Abyan, Saudi-run Alekhbariya reported, citing a spokesman in the Saudi-led coalition.

The observers are tasked with overseeing the implementation of an agreement on a ceasefire between Yemen’s legitimate government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) forces that was reached yesterday, the coalition said.

The Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Mohamed Al Jaber, urged the warring factions as well as journalists and activities to do their part and help the coalitions’ states with their “efforts to unite fronts, stop the bloodshed, and bridge gaps.”

“The coalition forces have started to deploy observers to stop the infighting in Abyan governate in coordination with government forces and STC forces. I call on journalists and activities on social media to support the genuine efforts to stop the bloodshed and implement the Riyadh Agreement {…},” Al Jaber wrote on Twitter.

British Ambassador to Yemen Michael Aron said his country welcomes the truce, calling for a quick implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

“The UK also welcomes the agreement yesterday between the Government of Yemen and the Southern Transitional Council on a ceasefire and de-escalation with a view to the full and rapid implementation of the Riyadh Agreement under Saudi auspices,” Aron said.

For the past three months, forces of the Yemeni internationally recognized government and UAE-backed troops of the STC have been battling for control over Abyan province.

Last August, forces of STC ousted the government from Aden, Yemen’s interim capital. In late April, they announced self-rule from the Saudi-backed government.

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