Houthis target Saudi Arabia with missile and drones, UK questions rebels’ intention for peace

Republican Yemen

The Iran-aligned Houthi insurgents said they launched on Tuesday a missile and drone attack on targets inside Saudi Arabia.

The rebels claimed they hit the defense ministry and a military base in Riyadh, but the kingdom denied the Houthi allegation saying it has intercepted the attack.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea said attacks were also launched against military sites in the southern Saudi cities of Najran and Jizan.

Residents in the Saudi capital said they heard two explosions and saw billows of smoke in the sky over Riyadh close to dawn, according to Reuters.

Following the attack, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab condemned the Houthi attack, questioning the Houthis’ intention for peace.

“I condemn these latest attacks on Saudi Arabia by the Houthis, and their continued offensives within Yemen which cast further doubt on their claims to want peace,” Raab said in a statement.

“With over a million Yemenis believed to have contracted coronavirus, it is more vital than ever that the Houthis cease their hostilities and allow the UN-led humanitarian response to get on with saving Yemeni lives,” he added.

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