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Yemen Minister of Industry and Trade Resigns

Republican Yemen

Minister of industry and trade in Yemen’s internationally recognized government, Mohamed al-Maytami, has quit his post in response to the takeover of Socotra island by UAE-backed militias of the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

Mr. al-Maytami officially submitted on Sunday his resignation letter, seen by Republican Yemen, to Yemen President Abdurabo Mansour Hadi.

“The recent painful events and developments in my homeland and those attempts to split Yemen amid silence by the government towards the actions and practices that seek to undermine Yemen’s state forced me to submit my resignation to your Excellency,” the Yemeni minister said in his resignation letter.

He accused some countries in the Arab coalition, referring to the UAE, of training, funding, and supporting militias to split Yemen.

Last Friday, militias affiliated with the STC overran the Governor’s compound and the headquarters of the Special Forces on Socotra island.

In November, both the Yemeni government and the southern separatists inked a Saudi-sponsored agreement in Riyadh to end months-long struggle over power in the south. However little has been achieved on the ground.

The STC then wrenched control from the legitimate government and declared self-rule in south Yemen last April, refusing to abide by the Riyadh Agreement.

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