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Yemen parties: what happened in Socotra hampers Riyadh Agreement and serves the Houthi project

Republican Yemen

In a joint statement issued on Sunday, 15 Yemeni parties and political components condemned the recent events that took place in Socotra island, accusing the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) of impeding the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement as well as serving the Iran-supported Houthi project.

The statement ___ which is issued by top Yemeni Parties, except for the Socialist and Nasserite parties ___ denounced the military attack of STC militias on Hadiboh, the capital of Socotra, which resulted in taking over the island from the Saudi-backed Yemeni government.

“The armed revolt was clearly aiming to undermine the legitimate government and serve the Houthi militias,” the statement said.

“The leadership of STC is hampering the Riyadh Agreement, adding to the recent hurdles caused by declaring self-rule in the south by the STC,” it added.

This came after the STC militias overran Hadiboh and drove out government forces from the Governor’s compound and the headquarters of the Special Forces on the island last Friday.

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