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Houthi-laid landmine kills a farmer, leaves two wounded

Republican Yemen

Landmines laid by the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels claimed on Wednesday a farmer’s life, leaving another two wounded in Nehm district, east of the rebel-held capital Sana’a.

Sadiq Al Raimi was killed and Abdulrahman Mohammed Abu Alhan wounded in a mine explosion, in Al Dabwa area, Al Mashad Al Arabi news reported, citing local sources.

According to the source, another farmer named Sadiq Abdulkhaliq Almiqbas had his leg amputated after he stepped on a landmine
while working on his farm in the same area.

Reports say that Houthi-planted minefields, which have already killed over a thousand innocent people, will leave Yemen riddled with buried explosives that could kill or maim unsuspecting civilians for decades before the devices can all be removed.

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