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Fierce Clashes Flare up between Houthis and Tribesmen in Al Bayda: Video

Republican Yemen

Intense clashes flared up on Wednesday between tribesmen and Houthi militias in Al Bayda province after targeting Al Awadh tribes with rockets today morning by the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels.

Locals said the militias launched a large-scale offensive, including the use of multiple bomb-laden drones, on areas in Al Radman, resulting in the killing and wounding scores people in the area.

Local sources asserted that there are tens of casualties, killed or wounded, from both sides as fierce clashes have been going on since Wednesday morning.

The video shows ground anti-aircraft shotting down Houthi drones.

Earlier today, Yaser Al Awadhi, Secretary-General of General People’s Congress (GPC), called for tribal mobilization to confront Houthis after the Iran-backed rebels targeted Radman area from Houthi-held Al Shaif during ongoing mediation between tribal sheiks and Houthis rebels to end a month and a half long tension.

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The mediation is aimed to calm a heightening tension that was sparked in the aftermath of killing an unarmed woman named Jihad by the Houthi militias in late April.

Al Awadhi called on tribes from Al Bayda, Marib, and Shabwa provinces to mobilize, “after a month and a half of the shame issue: the killing of martyr Jihad and the refusal of applying justice on the killer.”

“God knows we seek peace with dignity, not shedding blood. But after the targeting of Radman area from Al Shaif with rocket shells in the presence of tribal sheiks from Al Bayda who seek mediation, I am calling for Al Awadh tribes to mobilize immediately to form a defense line to defend Radman area according to the previous plan,” Al Awadhi wrote on Twitter.

The Military spokesperson for the Houthi group, Yahya Sarea’, described Al Awadhi, who is a prominent tribal sheik in Al Bayda, as a “mercenary,” accusing Al Bayda tribes of targeting the group’s forces with the help of the Saudi-led coalition.

The Houthi spokesman alleged on a twitter post that Al Bayda tribes get logistic and military support from the Arab coalition to carry out its agendas.

He called on tribes to stand by the Houthi militias to crackdown what he called insurgency supported by the aggression, referring to the Saudi-led coalition.

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