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Following Houthi shelling, Yaser Al Awadhi calls for tribal mobilization to confront Houthis

Republican Yemen

Secretary-General of General People’s Congress (GPC),Yaser Al Awadhi, who is also a tribal figure in Al Bayda province, has called upon tribes to urgently mobilize as a result of Houthi shelling that targeted a tribal area in the province.

Al Awadhi called for tribal mobilization after the Iran-backed Houthi rebels targeted Radman area from Houthi-held Al Shaif amid a mediation process that takes place between tribal sheiks from Al Bayda and Houthis.

The mediation is aimed to calm a heightening tension that was sparked in the aftermath of killing an unarmed woman by the Houthi militias.

“God knows we seek peace with dignity, not shedding blood. But after the targeting of Radman area from Al Shaif with rocket shells in the presence of tribal sheiks from Al Bayda who seek mediation, I am calling for Al Awadh tribes to mobilize immediately to form a defense line to defend Radman area according to the previous plan,” Al Awadhi wrote on Twitter.

In late April, a woman called Jihad Ahmed Al Asbahi was intentionally killed by militants affiliated with the Houthi insurgents, triggering tensions between Houthis, who refused to apply justice on the killers, and tribal sheiks led by Yaser Al Awadhi.

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