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Yemen House of Representatives, Top Political Parties Slam Houthis for Enforcing Racial Tax

Republican Yemen

Yemen’s top political parties, General People’s Congress (GPC) and Islah in particular, and the House of Representatives loyal to the internationally recognized government have slammed the Iran-backed Houthi rebels for passing a religious tax law called Khums in which Hashemites, mainly Houthis, get a fifth of state’s resources.

The House of Representatives, along with the two parties issued separate statements in which they strongly rejected a bylaw issued by Houthis which stipulates that 20 percent of most state’s resources —- which also applies on owners of sand and gravel crushers (raw materials for construction), water factories, water pump owners and even chicken farms — go to Hashemites and others in their hereditary class, including the insurgents themselves, who claim descent from the Prophet Muhammad.

In their statements, they described the Houthi rebels as a reactionary group that seeks to cause a divide within people based on descent, race, and color.

The new Islamic Zakat law sparked wide anger among Yemeni figures who called on people to refuse to abide by the new illegal tax.

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The executive bylaw was signed by Houthi President Mahdi Al-Mashat on April 29 but wasn’t widely known until this week.

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