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Houthi Rebels Targeted Populated Areas with Mortar Shells

Republican Yemen

The Houthi militias, Iran’s proxy in Yemen, launched on Wednesday and Thursday indiscriminate shelling on residential areas and farms in Al Tuhayta and Hays districts, south the port city of Hodeidah, local sources said.

The source said that the militias targeted populated areas and farms owned by residents in Al Jabalia town with mortar shells, causing panic and fears among residents.

Al Jabalia town, according to the source, has been a target for the Houthi rebels who have been sheeling the town for the past few days, amid suspicious international silence.

No casualties were reported so far.

In Hays district, two homes suffered collateral damage as a result of mortar shells launched by the militias, September Net reported.

A shell fired by the insurgents hit a home owned by Omar Abdo Owail, damaging most of the furniture inside the house while another mortar caused partial damage to Mohammed Salem Mughazi’s house, the local source said

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