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Yemeni Army Seizes New Sites in Nehm, East Sana’a

Republican Yemen

The Yemeni National Army, with the help of warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition, captured on Sunday new sites in Nehm, east of the rebel-held capital, Sana’a, field sources said.

The National Army made advances, more than 11 kilometers, in Najd Al Ataq in Nehm district and recaptured the strategic sites of Al-dakheel, Al-alaq, Alromah, and Safra Shanan, Col. Mohammed Mushli said in a statement reported by the Media Center of Army Forces

According to Col. Mushli, the National Army seized 3 BMB vehicles and some weapons and ammunition from the Houthi militia which suffered heavy losses.

A military source said these advances were made with the help of air strikes launched by the Saudi-led coalition that targeted Houthi positions and reinforcement.

In January, the Iran-backed Houthi rebels took control of Nehm district and advanced to Al-Jawf district. Since then battles have been going on in eastern of Al Jawf and in Serwah, west of the oil-rich province of Marib.

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