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Coronavirus Update in Yemen: 354 Cases, 8٤ Deaths, Only 14 Recovered

Republican Yemen

31 new coronavirus cases were recorded on Monday with four deaths in war-ravaged Yemen, adding up to 354 cases in total — including ٨٤ deaths and only 14 recovered cases — Aden-based Supreme National Emergency Committee for COVID-19 reported.

“A number of 31 COVID-19 cases were recorded as follows: 14 cases in Taiz, with two deaths; 8 cases in Hadhramaut; 4 cases in Al Dalea, with one death; 3 cases in Aden; and 2 cases in Lahj, with one death,” the committee said on Twitter.

The number of deaths against recovered cases, according to the UN, suggest that Yemen has the highest mortality rate of coronavirus in the world.

“Initial findings from intensive care units suggest that some 20 per cent of people being treated after becoming infected, are dying, compared to the global average of 7 per cent, the UN said on a statement.

However, the UN itself acknowledged last week that the unannounced cases of the infection are way higher than the officially confirmed figures, meaning the real percentage of coronavirus-related deaths could be much lower.

The Houthi-run ministry of Health admitted to intentionally underreporting the real numbers of infected people in areas under their control, indicating a large number of people who had contracted the virus and recovered.

This comes amid an international pledging conference that is scheduled to be held late Today in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, where aid agencies are going to be asking “donors for US$2.41 billion to cover essential activities until the end of the year including programmes to address COVID-19,” according to the UN.

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