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Houthis admit not revealing COVID-19 cases, hold WHO responsible

Republican Yemen

The Iran-backed Houthi militia has implicitly acknowledged that it did not reveal the real figures of coronavirus cases in northern Yemen, justifying its actions by accusing the World Health Organization (WHO) of providing inaccurate COVID-19 test kits.

The rebel-run Health Ministry said in a statement seen by Republican Yemen on Friday it is seriously monitoring the situation of COVID-19 in areas under its control.

“There are coronavirus cases that have been recorded in several governorates in our country, including Sana’a, and we assure our people that we are working in a responsible manner to provide the necessary health care for cases of infection, as we work on tracking those who had been in contact with the infected cases,” the Houthi-run ministry said without giving further details or figures.

It questioned the accuracy of the test kits received from the WHO claiming that they showed “positive test results of nonhuman samples” that will be announced later in a press conference.

It also criticized the effectiveness of measures used by many countries to curb the outbreak of the virus.

“The measures taken to confront the virus by several countries were exaggerated and caused fear, panic, and worries amid people which is more dangerous than the infection itself.”

So far only four cases have been confirmed by the Houthi militia: two deaths and two recovered. However, medical reports show hundreds of cases in areas under the control of Houthi rebels who refuse to publicly announce them.

On the other hand, a number of 283 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in areas held by the internationally recognized government, with 65 deaths and only 11 recovered.

The figures are alarming as mortality is almost six times higher than the recovered cases.

The UN said last week that there too many more unannounced COVOD-19 cases than the officially confirmed numbers in war-torn Yemen.

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