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Yemen Chief of Staff Survives Missile Attack, His Son & 7 Soldiers Killed

Republican Yemen

At least 7 soldiers were killed, including Chief of Staff’s son, and many others wounded early Wednesday in a missile attack targeting the headquarters of joint operations in Marib northeastern Yemen.

A military source said Cheif of Staff Lieutenant General Sagheer Bin Azeez survived the attack that killed his son, Fahd, and seven other soldiers who were escorting him.

“The Houthi militia targeted a military base called Sahn Al Jen where the Chief of Staff and other high-ranked military commanders were holding a meeting,” a military source said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the press.

According to the source, General Bin Azeez and the other military commanders are unharmed.

The Iran-allied Houthi rebels did not comment on the attack.

In Hadhramaut, a bomb blast killed on Tuesday a senior security official, along with five other people.

Local sources said Col. Saleh Ali Jaber, head of the security directorate of Shibam city, and another four people were killed by an improvised explosive device without naming who carried out the attack.

last January, a Houthi-launched missile hit a mosque inside the same military base of Sahn Al Jen, killing over 110 military personnel while performing an evening prayer.

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