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Bushra Almaqtari Wins Palm Award for Freedom of Speech and Press

Yemeni writer and activist Bushra Almaqtari, along with Chinese book dealer and publisher Gui Minhai, has won the Palm Award for Freedom of Speech and Press.

Ms. Al Maqtari was named for the award on Saturday for defending rights and freedoms as well as advocating change in Yemen.

“Bushra Al-Makhtari, writer and activist from Yemen, and Gui Minhai, book dealer and publisher from China, are our winners for Johann -Philipp-Palm Award for Freedom of Speech and the Press 2020,” Palm Stiftung said on twitter.

The Johann Philipp Palm Prize is awarded by a private German foundation at Schorndorf for freedom of speech and the press.

The Yemeni novelist, born in 1979, has also won Françoise Giroud Award for Defense of Freedom and Liberties.

Al Maqtari is the third Yemeni female activist to have been awarded an international prize in 2020 after Nada Al Ahdal and Huda Al-Sarari.

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