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Clashes Escalate in Yemen Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

Republican Yemen

Clashes have escalated on several frontlines in the war-ravaged country despite a rapid outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

On Tuesday, forces of the internationally recognized government took control of Haidrat El-Sidr camp after fierce confrontations with militias of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Abyan, a Yemeni official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media.

The clashes took place after the Yemeni government vowed to confront the STC, which has lately declared self-rule of south Yemen.

According to the official, the government forces have also seized ten military vehicles used to transport personnel and equipment and advanced in STC-held areas.

In al-Bayda, located in central Yemen, violent clashes erupted between the Iran-backed Houthi insurgents and government forces, state-run September Net reported on Sunday.

The army’s SeptemberNet website said that Houthi militia also launched a military offensive on the northern Qaniyah front, resulting in intense clashes between the two sides.

According to the site, the army also managed to thwart Houthi attacks in Al-Dhale and Hajjah provinces.

So far, 70 coronavirus cases have been officially reported, with 12 deaths and one recovered patient. Doctors and medics indicate there are many more cases than the officially announced figures, for there are not enough tests to check the enormous numbers of suspected cases.

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