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Yemen: New coronavirus cases recorded in three more provinces

Republican Yemen

The Supreme National Committee for Covid-19 (SNCC) reported on Tuesday nine new coronavirus cases in war-torn Yemen, bringing the total number to 65, including ten deaths and one recovered case.

The committee said the virus has been detected in three southern provinces for the first time: Al Mahra, Shabwa, and Abyan.

“Nine new cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed, including one death, as follows:
First infection in Abyan
First infection in Al Mahra
First infection in Shabwa, the patient died
4 cases in Aden
2 cases in Lahj,” the committee said on Twitter.

According to the committee, four more infections were confirmed in Aden, the interim seat of the government, bringing the cases to 39 in total.

This came two days after Yemen’s internationally recognized government declared Aden an “infested” city, as coronavirus, malaria and other infections strike the city.

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In Taiz, doctors called for providing enough tests to determine scores of COVID-19 suspected cases.

Dr. Abdulghani al-Masani, head of Shefak Center, which is a specialized center for treating coronavirus cases, sounded the alarm of an imminent disaster in the city, as there is a desperate need for PPE and medical tests.

“We have run out of the solutions used in PCR to detect the virus. We only had 100 solutions,” Dr. al-Masan said on Facebook.

“Now we have over 50 suspected cases waiting to be checked. The solutions for PCR are said to be delivered by Thursday,” he added.

On April 10, Yemen reported the first case in Hadramout. 17 days later, the infected patient was officially reported to be recovered. Although no cases were recorded at the time, several cases were confirmed in Aden only two days after the announcement of the recovery of the only case in the country, meaning the pandemic had been spreading unseen across Yemen.

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