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Yemeni civilian went missing, returned dead

Republican Yemen

Ahmed Tahir Ahmed Jamil, who had been forcibly disappeared for two weeks by the Iran-linked Houthis, was delivered dead to his family with marks of torture and bullet wounds on his corpse.

According to locals sources, 30_year_old Ahmed Tahir went missing on April 21 in Al Hawban district while heading to work.

He was held in what used to be known Al Saleh Residential Zone, which is now used as large incarceration by the militias to keep hundreds of detainees, Almasdar Online reported citing a family member.

“Two days after he disappeared and searched for him, a sheik in our area in Shar’ab district informed us that Ahmed was being detained by the Houthis in Al-Saleh city prison,” a family member told the local news agency.

He said that they were informed about Ahmed’s death a week after his disappearance by a Houthi supervisor who told them that Ahmed had been shot to death by snipers on the 40th Street in Taiz city.

According to the source, the victim’s family was allowed to bury his body at night’ after his mom bid farewell to her son.

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