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Aden: As Catastrophe Looms, STC and Yemen’s Govt Keep Silent

Sami Almaqtari – Republican Yemen

The Yemeni interim capital of Aden has been witnessing public outrage at both the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and the Yemeni internationally recognized government for failing to provide the very basic services in the city.

Hundreds of protesters have poured onto the streets of the port city of Aden to express anger and dismay amid inabilities to combat coronavirus, malaria, and chikungunya infections that have killed tens of people this week.

“The situation here is worsening. Many hospitals shut down and there is almost no electricity,” Ousan Faisal, an angry protester, told Republican Yemen.

“Both the STC and the Yemeni government never care about us. Power is their only interest,” he added.

Mohammed Anwar, 30, believes that the people of Aden are the only affected ones of this chaos. He accused the STC and the Yemeni government of pursuing power and neglecting the people.

“If they do care about Aden, you won’t see sewage all over the streets. Diseases are the result of such sewage and those who raise fake slogans about us being their top priority never bother to even dispose it from streets,” Mohammed said.

According to Fathi Benlazraq, editor-in-chief of Aden Algad, an estimated 30 people die every day in Aden, mostly from chikungunya and the novel coronavirus.

Even though Yemen has only confirmed 26 coronavirus cases, experts and medics say there are way too many cases higher than the recorded number.

Many medical workers have left hospitals due to a lack of Personal Protective Equipment, as there are not enough coronavirus tests to be used to determine hundreds, if not thousands, of COVID-19 suspected cases across Yemen.

Last month, torrential floodwaters struck Aden, resulting in the killing of tens of people, damaging houses and stores, and sweeping cars away.

Following the floods crisis, the STC made things worse by declaring self-rule in south Yemen, a move that was condemned by most Arab and International countries.

In November, both the Yemeni government and the STC signed a Saudi-brokered agreement in Riyadh to bring stability to Aden after the UAE-backed separatists ousted the Yemeni government from Yemen’s interim capital, but the deal has not been implemented with both sides accusing each other of impeding the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

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