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Intense Clashes Flare up between Houthis and Tribesmen in al_Bayda

Republican Yemen

Fierce clashes broke out between Houthi militias and tribesmen in al-Bayda province, central Yemen, in the aftermath of the killing of an unarmed woman named Jihad Ahmed al-Asbahi.

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Tensions heightened when Yasser Alawadhi, Secretary General of General People’s Congress (GPC), called upon tribes to confront the Houthi militia and take revenge for the woman who was intentionally killed in cold blood.

This came after the failure of a mediation brokered by Oman that was intended to end the growing tension.

Hassan Alizi, a leading figure in the militia, acknowledged the killing of Jihad Ahmed saying “security forces killed her by mistake”.

Alizi claimed there was Al-Qaeda presence in the district of al_Tafa. where Houthis launched a military campaign to go after members of al-Qaeda, which resulted in the killing of the innocent woman.

The Houthi narrative was strongly rejected by tribal sheikhs in the area.

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