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Houthi Gunmen Shoot Preacher Dead during Friday Sermon

Republican Yemen

Houthi gunmen stormed a mosque on Friday in Dhamar governorate and killed its imam and preacher Shawqi Jaber Muhammad before worshipers’ eyes.

According to Almasdaronline, the militia broke into Hemiar Mosque, located in Otmah district, west of the province of Dhamar, during Friday sermon and opened fire, killing the imam of the mosque.

Sources said the reason for killing Sheikh Shawqi Jaber was because he refused to suspend Friday prayer as well as his charitable activities.

This is not the first time the Houthi militias have killed an imam in Dhamar.

In March last year, a gunman affiliated with Houthis killed a preacher named Mohammed al-Izi in Khaliba Mosque for having views against the rebels.

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