Crimes and Violations

Woman shot to death by Houthi militants

Republican Yemen

Militants affiliated with the Iran-backed Houthi rebels have killed an unarmed woman in Yemen’s central province al-Bayda after they failed to arrest her father in law.

According to local sources, the militants were going after a man called Hussein Mohammed Al Asbahi and surrounded his house in the district of al_Tafa.

The man refused to turn himself in to the rebels and fled his house unseen before the militia broke into his house and shot Jihad Ahmed Al Asbahi, his daughter in law, to death.

It is unclear why the militia killed the woman or was going after the man who is believed to be an opponent of the Houthi group.

The incident came one day after a mosque imam called Sheikh Omar Al Amiri was killed while on his way to the mosque in the province of al-Bayda by shrapnel of a mortar shell, believed to have been launched by the insurgents.

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