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Footage: At least 4 People Killed due to Torrential Floodwaters in Aden

Republican Yemen

At least four people were killed and several others went missing on Tuesday due to torrential floodwaters in the port city of Aden, Yemen’s interim capital, local sources confirmed.

Locals say the floods washed away cars, damaged houses and stores, and caused a blackout in the entire city.

Despite the absence of official authorities, locals went out to help evacuate and rescue affected people.

Young  men risk their own lives to save someone else’s life from floods in  Yemen’s interim capital Aden
Floods in Aden due to torrential rains

Interior Minister Ahmed Al Maisari ordered that young men who appeared on a circulated video rescuing an old man from the floods be rewarded.

Last week, floods caused collateral damage to the rebel-held capital Sanaa and Marib province, killing several people, damaging shops and market stalls, and sweeping away cars and vehicles.

The UN said at least seven people have been killed and 85 injured in flash flooding in Yemen this month.

“Heavy rains and flooding across northern governorates, including Marib, in mid-April led to casualties and damaged property and sites for internally displaced persons,” the UN humanitarian coordination agency OCHA said on Tuesday.

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