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WHO prepare 37 hospitals to cope with coronavirus in Yemen

By Middle East Monitor

The World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Yemen, Dr Altaf Musani said Saturday that the organization has been working to prepare 37 hospitals in Yemen to wrestle with the spread of coronavirus.

Musani’s announcement came one day after the country recorded its first case of the disease.

“Intensive care does not only mean the beds and ventilators but also the provision of treatment and upgrading the capacities of the health workers,” the WHO official said, pointing out that “the organization is also currently working to ensure the readiness of technical laboratories to examine any suspected cases of the virus.”

He added that the WHO has also provided an emergency stockpile of testing kits in the capital, Sanaa, as well as the cities of Aden (south) and Mukalla, the capital of Hadramout Governorate (east).

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