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Orphans’ House Unlawfully Torn Down in Taiz

Republican Yemen

A circulated video of a mother of orphans crying over her torn-down house triggered outrage over authorities in Taiz, Yemen’s third-largest city.

The helpless mother appeared on the video crying bitterly and appealing for people to help her stop the unlawful destruction of her house.

Knowing the de facto authority in Taiz was behind this, she bitterly cried saying, “where is God’s government?” Her quoted appeal turned into a hashtag on Facebook where many activists expressed solidarity with the desperate mother.

Anger snowballed so fast that it turned into a public case.

Speaker of the Yemeni House of representatives Sultan al-Barakani called the widow and assured her over the phone that she will get justice. He also informed her that she would be provided with a temporary place to stay in.

Taiz Governor, for his part, met the woman and ordered the court of appeal to look into the case and ensure that she gets well-compensated if her house appeared to be torn down unlawfully.

It is still not clear why the house was destroyed in the first place. Some say the authorities carried out a court order, for not showing a document that proves the woman owns the land on which the house was built, while others say there was a mistake and the authorities destroyed the wrong house.

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