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Due to snipping liaison officer, Yemen Govt halts participation in Hodeidah ceasefire process

Republican Yemen

In response to violations and breaches of the UN-led shaky truce in the port city of Hodeidah, the internationally recognized government of Yemen has announced the ceasing to participation in UN-led Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), which monitors the withdrawal of the warring forces in the flashpoint port city of Hodeidah.

This came a few hours after a Houthi sniper gunned down a liaison officer at a ceasefire monitoring post on Wednesday, spokesman for joint forces, Sadiq Dowaid, told state-run Saba news agency.

“Houthis are to blame for the collapse of the Stockholm Agreement that was dying since it came to life,” Col. Sadiq Dowaid said. “UN silence and overlooking such violations and crimes is what makes Houthis grow bolder.”

Last Wednesday officer Mohammed Al Soleihi was shot in the head while on duty at a monitoring post on Sanaa Street in the east of Hodeidah.

Last October, five joint frontline observation posts were set up and liaison officers were deployed at each observation post. The establishment of the four observation posts aimed to implement the UN-sponsored ceasefire that was reached at peace talks in Sweden in December 2018.

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