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Yasser Alawadhi: Road Map to End the War in Yemen

Republican Yemen

Yasser Alawadi, Secretary General of General People’s Congress (GPC) ____ the renowned Yemeni party that was founded former president Ali Abdullah Saleh  ____ has suggested a roadmap to put an end to the five-year war in Yemen, to start with an unconditional freeze on military activities.

Alawadi said, in a series of tweets, that it has become difficult for the international community to find a lasting solution to the war in Yemen, for the world is busy with complex issues.

He asserted that it is about time Yemenis found alternative local pathways, solutions, and a way out of this crisis.

The Secretary General of GPC suggested that front lines be frozen and the bloodshed in the country be stopped, stressing the need to establish a mechanism through which services, such as education and economic solutions, are provided to all Yemenis until a comprehensive political solution is reached, which has to ensure diversity and serving the public interest.

“There is no doubt that the comprehensive political solution that we seek has to ensure national sovereignty and protect it from foreign influence. This, in turn, the security of the region as not to provoke or threaten neighboring countries unless there is a threat to the sovereignty of Yemen and its territorial integrity,” Alawadi said.

Mr. Alawadi urged all local stakeholders to take the initiative to reach a peaceful solution that ends the misery of the Yemeni people.

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