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Yemeni Minister: UN, its envoy for Yemen pave the way for Houthis

Republican Yemen

Minister of Religious Endowments and Guidance Ahmed Zoubayen Attiah said on he told UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths that the Yemeni people no longer trust the International Community, accusing the UN and its envoy of paving the way for Houthis to seize the entire country.

Minister Ahmed Attiah said he asked the UN envoy, after the latter called for military de-escalation during his visit to Marib, whether Houthis have to “retreat to their previous positions,” (outside Al-Hazam and Nehm) and that Griffiths replied by saying “no.”

Minister Ahmed Attiah wrote Saturday on his Facebook page about a brief conversation he had with Griffiths:

“I told him: Nehm and Al-Hazam were captured by Houthis while you were in Sana’a, yet you never asked them to halt their military escalation until they made it to Al-Jawf. Is this an international green light? … Unfortunately, he evaded the question.”

“Had the Houthis enjoyed popularity and acceptance among Yemenis, 25000 families would not have fled.”

“We no longer trust in the international community.”

The minister called for liberating Al Jawf and not to wait for the UN to make a change.

“The leadership of the country and all free people have to impose a new reality by liberating Al Jawf. Only then will the project of Houthis and Griffiths fail,” Attiah said.

“Without power and strength, you can’t keep going. You can’t rely on UN-made scenario, which watches Houthi violations and keeps silent, but rather paves the way for Houthis to have control across Yemen.”

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