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Houthis confiscate PMs’ properties in Sanaa

Republican Yemen

Following the death sentence issued by the Houthi-controlled Specialized Criminal Court on Tuesday against 35 Yemeni pro-government parliament members on charges of cooperating with the Arab Coalition, the Iran-backed Houthi rebels stormed the homes of two parliamentarians in the rebel-held capital Sana’a.

The Houthi campaign aims to carry out the ruling of the court which also stipulates the confiscation of all properties owned by the convicted PMs.

Dr. Hafsa Taher, an academic at Sana’a University who is married to MP Dr. Saleh Al-Sanaban, reported that an armed Houthi group had confiscated her house.

“They photographed all contents of my house: from the kitchen to the bedroom furniture and gave the family one day to vacate their home,” she said.

She said that she owns the house is mine and wondered what she has done to be treated like this

“I have devoted my entire career to raising good generations and saving money to build this house. what have I done wrong so that I confiscate my own house? Is this how they reward dedicated people who serve the nation?”

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