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Al Jawf: Military Operations Force 25000 Families to Flee

Republican Yemen

The ongoing fighting between government forces and the Iran-aligned Houthi insurgents has forced roughly 25000 families to flee their homes in the northeastern province of Al Jawf.

State-run Operational Unit of Refugee Camps said in a statement it has monitored about 25000 displaced families coming from Al Jawf during the past 24 hours, most of whom headed toward Marib province.

“Internally displaced people are in dire strait, for military escalation coerced them to abandon their homes in search of a safe place,” said the statement.

Yesterday, the Houthi rebels seized the northern strategic city of Al-Hazam after weeks of fierce battles with government forces.

Following the capturing of Al-Hazam city, the militia arbitrary arrested residents, raided homes, and looted civilian properties, locals spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

According to local sources, intense battles are still taking place in the outskirts of Al Jawf province as government forces push back to retake the strategic province that is bordering Saudi Arabia.

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