UN: prisoner swap deal has been reached between Houthis and Yemen Govt in Amman

Delegates from the legitimate government and Houthi militias meet to discuss prisoner swap deal in Amman, Jordan January 17, 2019. (Reuters)

Republican Yemen

The UN confirmed on Sunday that Yemen’s internationally-recognized government and the Houthi militias have reached a prisoner swap deal in Amman, Jordan’s capital, which the UN considers a major breakthrough in the issue of prisoners.

Sunday’s statement came after seven days of meetings held between the two sides in Amman.
“Delegates representing the parties to the conflict in Yemen agreed on a detailed plan to complete the first official large-scale exchange of prisoners since the beginning of the conflict,” OSESGY and ICRC said in a joint statement.”

Martin Griffiths, UN Special Envoy for Yemen, welcomed the move the deal as a welcoming move the move and urged the parties to fulfill their commitment.

“Concluding a 7-day meeting in Amman, the parties agreed on details to complete the 1st exchange of prisoners-a step towards fulfilling their commitment to the phased release of all detainees related to the conflict in Yemen as per the Stockholm Agreement,” Griffiths tweeted.

Although no specific details have been given about the numbers of prisoners expected to be exchanged, the swap deal process is believed to depend mainly on the exchange of the list of prisoners pending an agreement on the final implementation of the release.

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