Crimes and Violations

Rights group: 70 civilians killed by Houthis last month.

Republican Yemen

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms said on Saturday it had documented a number of 389 violations committed by the Iran-allied Houthi insurgents, including the killing of 70 civilians, across Yemen last month.

The rights group said it documented, in cooperation with local and international rights groups, 19 civilian deaths who were killed due to landmines laid by Houthis.

It also noted that many as 51 civilians were killed as a result of the militia use of heavy artillery fire on populated areas.

Moreover, 82 cases of abduction and arbitrary arrest of civilians, including 4 women, and the forcible disappearance of 24 Houthi opponents had been documented, according to the rights group.

It added that Houthis committed 152 violations against peoples’ properties, including raiding the houses of their opponents since early last month.

Rights groups have accused the Houthi group of committing heinous crimes against people in Yemen, yet the international community seems to intentionally overlook such atrocities.

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