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Yemen Gov’t: Houthi rebels recruited over 30000 children

The internationally recognized Yemeni government has accused Iran-backed Houthi insurgents of recruiting more than 30000 under-aged teens and pushing them into front lines.

Abdullah Alsadi, Yemen’s delegate to the United Nations, said that the militia violates the rights of thousands of children and uses them, with or without the knowledge of their families, in their pointless war.

“The number of children recruited by the militia is over 30000 kids who face death as their rights are being violated,” said Alsadi.

Mr. Alsadi called on the the UN to establish centers in order to rehabilitate these affected children whom have been used in armed conflicts.

He stressed the importance of cooperating with the UNICEF to implement an action plan aimed to cease the use of children in armed conflicts.

Reports say the Houthi rebels are exploiting many needy families by providing humanitarian aid only for those who agree to send their kids to front lines.

In June 2019, the World Food Programme suspended food aid in Sana’a due to manipulating food assistance by Houthis.

This week, both the US and UK said they are considering cutting aid due to Houthi fraud and obstruction of humanitarian assistance.

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