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2170 Violations of Human Rights Committed in January: Report

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A report conducted by Future Partners for Development, a non-governmental organization, has shed light on the deteriorating situation of human rights in war-torn Yemen, noting that its monitoring team documented a number of 2170 violations of human rights in January, ranging from killing and sexual assault to forcible disappearance.

Only in January, 79 civilians were killed, including 8 women and four children, and 27 others wounded, the report said.

It also highlighted how Houthi-laid landmines pose a great danger to civilians lives, noting that 8 people were killed and 13 others wounded as a result of these mines.

According to the report, ٦٥.٨% of the documented violations was committed in the rebel-held capital Sana’a.

“Sana’a ranked first with 1429 cases of violations them came Marib province with 513 violations {…},” the report said.

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