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Rights group: 156 abductees brutally tortured in Taiz

Association of Abductees’ Mothers said as many as 156 abductees are being subject to cruel torture committed by the Iran-aligned insurgents in Houthi-controlled Al Howban district, north Taiz governate.

During a sit-in staged in front of the governate office, located inside the besieged city of Taiz, the association asserted in a statement that 156 abductees are held in what used to be known as Al Saleh Residential Zone and endure severe physical and psychological torment, citing some abductees who have been recently released whom the association met with.

“156 abductees are being held behind bars in Alsaleh prison, used to be a housing zone before the militia turned it into large incarceration,” said the statement.

It called on the UN to play its moral part in finding an urgent solution to put an end to the suffering of these abductees and forcibly disappeared, demanding an immediate release of them.

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