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Twelve-year-old Fatima Died of Malnutrition in Yemen

Twelve-year-old Fatima Ibrahim died of malnutrition on Tuesday after suffering acute malnutrition in Aslam area in the northeastern province of Hajja, where the militia keeps a grip on humanitarian aid and uses starvation as a bargaining chip.

The malnourished girl weighed only 10Kg (22 pounds) when she was carried into a Yemeni malnutrition clinic in 2019. She was left with bones and had “the most extreme form of malnutrition,” Makiah al-Aslami, a doctor and head of the clinic that Fatima was moved to, told Reuters on February 12, 2019.

Even though pictures of the girl were spread worldwide, the girl continued to suffer until she died yesterday.

The Iran-allied rebels have been accused of abusing food aid intended for people in areas under their control.

In late 2018, an investigative report by the Associated Press (AP) said that humanitarian and food aid for Yemen was being looted by the rebels.

In June 2019, the World Food Programme suspended food aid in Sana’a.

“Our food assistance is being manipulated, and we are being blocked from fixing it,” David Beasley, the UN agency’s director general, told a UN Security Council meeting on Yemen.

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