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Yemeni doctor in Yiwu: China is fully capable of fighting the virus

By People’s Daily Online

The outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has not only touched the hearts of all Chinese, but also attracted close attention from many foreigners in China.

In Yiwu, where foreign businesses gather, Yemeni doctor Ammar Albaadani receives dozens of calls and WeChat inquiries from friends and patients every day. His patient and professional answers to the epidemic have reassured foreign friends in China.

Dr. Ammar studied in China in 1996 and continued to work in China after obtaining the degree of doctor of medicine. “There are thousands of Yemenis and tens of thousands of Arabs in China,” said Dr. Ammar, adding that many have limited understanding of the virus due to the language barrier.

“However, it’s easy to cause panic after reading foreign news, thus, many people come to me. When they don’t understand the news, they will ask me. When they have a headache and a fever, they will have to come to me,” according to Dr. Ammar.

“Although I am a brain doctor, and I am not on the front line, my general medical knowledge is certainly better than that of the average person. I can explain well such questions as the pathogenesis of epidemic diseases, the measures to be taken, therefore, they all trust me.”

After repeatedly answering questions from his friends, Dr. Ammar has provided the following suggestions for foreigners in China.

First, don’t panic. Have faith. China has a lot of experience in controlling and treating pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. There are many exaggerations in the foreign media reports.

Second, obey the orders of the Chinese government; stay indoors; do not believe in rumors; do not spread rumors. The more conflicting information, the more panic. “Listen to advice” is the best antidote.

Third, there is no need to go back to your home country to escape the disease. Returning home brings potential dangers to family members, and the possibility of becoming an exporter of the virus put new pressure on the country.

As a doctor who witnessed China’s fight against SARS, Dr. Ammar is confident that the Chinese government will overcome the epidemic.

“With the experience of fighting SARS, the measures taken by the Chinese government in dealing with the new coronavirus have been transparent, professional and effective,” Dr. Ammar pointed out.

He believed that “China is a great country with strong mobilization capacity. This is a very Chinese advantage that no other country can match – when the country gives the order, the people unite as one, and everyone can listen to the advice.”

“There are volunteers in every community and the society is orderly. In the face of the epidemic, the Chinese people have impressed the world. China is fully capable of fighting the virus,” said Dr. Ammar.

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