Albukhaiti: the west double standards in dealing with Houthi terrorism

Yemeni politician and writer Ali Albukhaiti has sharply criticized the international community and the western countries for double standards in dealing with the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

Albukhaiti said in a series of tweets that Houthis have been practicing heinous acts against Yemenis and that they are similar to Taliban, a Sunni Islamic fundamentalist movement that refers to itself as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

“The Houthi group is practicing the Taliban approach in shutting down cafes, harassing women due to dress, banning “western” hairstyles, harassing singers, and so on. When one of these atrocious practices becomes a public opinion case, Houthis lie and deny it,” said Albukhaiti.

He also noted that crimes committed by Houthis are obvious and that international human rights organizations and the international community turn a blind eye to these crimes.

“Whoever wants to unmask Houthis has to monitor what they do to their people in Sadah. Only then will you find another version of Taliban. A version of terrorism that is based on the Zaidi sect. I do wonder why Organizations never talk about violations committed by Houthis!” Mr. Albukhaiti tweeted. “When it comes to monitoring and condemning extremism in the Middle East and the Islamic World, the West appears to be biased. They focus on the Sunni school of thought and ignore the Shiite school of thought. They shamefully overlook Houthi crimes against people in Yemen.”

He also cast doubt on the objectives of the international community and accused it of lacking transparency and credibility in the way they deal with the Houthi group.

“The International Community loses its credibility by focusing on secondary issues and overlooking full-scale crimes committed by Houthis. This raises questions about its objectives and the double standards in dealing with issues of terrorism and extremism,” he said.

In late 2014, Houthi rebels overran Sana’a, Yemen’s capital, and declared themselves a de facto authority in Yemen. Since then, the group has been committing countless crimes and violations against Yemenis, yet the world keeps silent.

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