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Masam: 1053 Houthi-laid Mines, Explosives Cleared in Al Jawf

Demining teams of Masam, the Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance in Yemen, have lately managed to detect and extract as many as 1053 Houthi-laid mines and unexploded ordinance in Almaitama area in the northern province of Al Jawf.

Supervisor of the demining teams Co. Amer Albahri said the removed explosives include 500 anti-tank mines, 500 unexploded ordinance, 50 improvised explosive devices, and 3 Katusha rockets, September Net reported.

“The teams have cleared and secured 40 vital areas that posed a grave threat to the lives of civilians,” Col. Albahri said.

The project also announced the distraction of 3718 mines and unexploded ordinance in Bab al-Mandab, located in the strategic strait of Bab al-Mandab.

Director-General of the Saudi project Ousama Algosaibi said Masam has cleared a total of 118541 mines, improvised explosive devices, and unexploded ordinance since the projected started its mission last year in Yemen.

Yemen’s Human Rights Ministry has accused Houthis of planting as many as a million mines in large swaths of the country. Due to those mines, thousands of civilians have been killed or maimed.

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